A strategic partner able to flexibly manage the needs of the sector

The many years of experience in the sector allows Theonilde to propose itself to companies as a single supplier and a strategic partner, able to offer a full service. From product engineering to delivery of the finished component, passing through quality control, Theonilde accurately manages each step, guaranteeing a fluid, rapid and tracked production process.


The technical office takes care of the feasibility study and analysis of the project provided. We collaborate with our customers to define the entire manufacturing process by solving any critical issues in the preliminary phase and identifying production methods and times. We are also available to make resin molds and prototypes.


The long collaboration with the excellence of hot pressing allows us to produce brass moldings characterized by high toughness, excellent resistance, narrow dimensional tolerances, and an excellent quality / price ratio. Hatebur presses are used for the caps and fittings moldings up to 1″, while Hydromec presses up to 500 tons are used to produce more complex and / or heavy pieces.


The production includes both components machined directly from brass bars on single and multi-spindle CNC lathes, as well as machining of molded parts on transfer machines and machining centers. We can make nuts and various components in brass, aluminum and other materials up to 4 inches in size. The external production from multi-spindle lathes allows bar passage up to 90mm. With CNC lathes, on the other hand, machining is carried out with a bar passage up to 70mm.


From the handling of the pieces to the customer’s delivery we deal directly with the order management, guaranteeing the storage service even for the long term, collection, or shipment, based on the agreements made. At every processing step, raw materials and components are scrupulously tracked and codified, to ensure total control of the production process and correct management of the items.