High quality standards and production process control

The production quality is Theonilde’s fundamental objective. To ensure high standards and accuracy in the entire production process, the machined components are subjected to thorough internal checks, as a percentage of the production or of the total samples.

Each processing step is tracked with the MeasureLink software. At the end of the qualitative process, a full report is then issued with all the measurements carried out, from the production step to the preparation phase.

The metrological lab

The company is equipped with a metrology lab with the latest generation Mitutoyo digital and analog instruments; there is also a three-dimensional measuring machine. On request it is possible to carry out specific checks, complete with dimensional reports.



Aware of the environmental impact deriving from a production reality like ours, we are always committed to implementing responsible behavior and adopting eco-compatible technologies and tools, aimed at protecting the environment and reducing waste.
With this in mind, we are particularly attentive to waste disposal and recycling of production waste practices and always use certified products in compliance with current regulations. In particular, our commitment is expressed in the following activities:

  • Certified oil filter system
  • Differentiated waste collection
  • Compaction of paper and cardboard
  • Traceable system for disposal
  • Use of certified solvents and lubricants in accordance with the law
  • Selection of suppliers attentive to environmental sustainability
  • Solar panels


Quality as a fundamental goal of our work

ISO 9001: 2015 certified company | No. 50 100 10613